Real Estate

Do you have available property that would be perfect for a VAPIANO restaurant? If you think that Vapiano would be a perfect fit for your location, just let us know.

Real Estate

It is very important for us to find properties which offer our guests an unique Vapiano experience.

In an interplay of many different factors – fresh and healthy products, excellently trained Vapianisti, outstanding service – we are looking for locations which invite to wellbeing through their design, their direct atmosphere inside and outside but also through their overall setting.

For the opening of these Vapianos we are looking in different cities for appropriate locations and spaces which meet, as far as possible, the following criteria:


1a,b or 2a,b. downtown locations in cities from 100,000 inhabitants onwards


  • Ideal size 600m² – 1000m², ground floor at least 300 m²
  • Ancillary spaces in the basement or partly on the first floor, with two floors goods elevator necessary


Preferably corner locations or clearly visible high-frequency locations, high and large glass front with modern architecture or high-quality old building and/or refurbished building structure, at least 10m window front.


  • High ceiling, bright rooms
  • Clear ceiling height at least 3.00m with over line installation space of approximately 1.00m
  • Ground plan as rectangular as possible with space for an open show kitchen of 16.00m – 20.00m length, kitchen space ideally unsupported
  • Associated outdoor terrace is a must
  • Deliveries ideally possible for 40 tonne articulated trucks


  • De-aeration and ventilation with Air Condition
  • Guest room 5-6-fold air exchange rate, kitchen 10-fold air exchange rate
  • Power connection at least 180kW with 200 ampere back-up fuse
  • Grease separator is a must
  • Cold water connection 2.1 l/sec
  • Commercial cooling for refrigeration equipment
  • Heating and cooling according to current state-of-the-art
  • Guest and staff WC depending on local authorisations


Exclusive shops, high quality boutiques, many offices for the day business and ideally pubs, entertainment (theatres, cinemas etc.) as well as a good residential environment for the evening business.


       The following conditions should be available within a perimeter of 1km:

  • 10,000 mid-income office employees,
  • 10,000 to 20,000 mid-income residents and age of residents between 20-65-years;
  • Horeca outlets must be approvable in the environment;
  • No residents in the building above the restaurant operation (noise protection).


  • Long-term lease contracts with option 
  • Security by bank surety
  • No restrictions concerning opening hours or the offering of foods and/or beverages
  • No advertising pools or turnover reporting etc.


For interesting locations in the Netherlands you can contact the department of Marketing: